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SES Time Lapse

May 16th, 2011

SES are a big player in the construction industry and in order remain on top of their competition they have to come up with innovative ways of saving costs and adding value. One such way of increasing productivity is modular wiring. Modular wiring allows a dramtic increase in productivity for a moderate increase in material costs. In order to convince the board of the company to allow a shift from proven tradfitional methods a strong case for the new technology needed to be made.
Visible Media helped SES build a strong visual presentation making a clear case for a shift from traditional wiring to modular wiring.

McNulty Offshore Construction Time Lapse

May 16th, 2011

McNulty Offshore Construction recently commissioned us to document the construction of the ‘Galloper’ project, an offshore structure for use within the renewable energy sector. As offshore construction projects very often span over months of construction before finishing, it is difficult to communicate the overall achievements through traditional media. For this project timelapse photography naturally lent itself to the job of communicating the development of the construction project in a compelling way.

Visible Media was approached to help co-ordinate the timelapse photography and create various video presentations for tradeshows and client communication based on the timelapse photography.

Marathon Oil

May 16th, 2011

The Devenick field is a Marathon Oil / BP joint project to develop the East Brae Field off the North East coast of Scotland. The Devenick platform is due for completion in late 2011 and the first oil is expected to flow in Spring 2012. Visible Media has been appointed to document the build through photography and video work. Watch this space for further updates on the video side.


Young Apprentice

May 13th, 2011

Young Apprenticeships have been a very successful way of providing youngsters with work experience as part of their GCSE studies. The program has a lot to offer but the benefits of it are not easily understood by parents who often worry about the impact on general studies, transport, and overall implications to educational pathways.

Visible Media was approached to help explain what the apprenticeship project is about through informative and fun case studies and interviews with students, employees and organisers of the scheme. The video based presentation was primarily targeted at parents and aimed to counter some of their concerns by promoting the benefits of this unique opportunity for the kids. The video used the concept of a notice board as a more engaging way to present various vox pops around the subject.